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FleetCutter: Full Service Car Share Technology


  • Full Suite of Advanced Fleet Management Tools
  • An online booking system with over 150 management reports. (IPhone compatible)
  • A driver self administration system, including SMS notifications.
  • Administration Modules for CRM, Invoicing, Fleet & Driver Management and Reporting.
  • Keyless vehicle access using secure RFID cards.
  • An onboard vehicle computer for remotely controlling vehicle security and event recording with GPS.



  • Efficient use of your vehicles - You'll need less cars to service the same number of drivers
  • Better Driver Management - drivers are more accountable for their driving behaviour
  • Tighter control - Improved vehicle accounting and cost attribution
  • Lower risks - you have better control over vehicle usage and access than a key based system
  • Reduced Premiums - Theft protection means decreased insurance premiums
  • Greater Convenience - logbook collection from your desktop

Current users include:

  • a 1000 car carshare fleet
  • a 25 car mixed rental/carshare fleet
  • a 70 car pooled council fleet
  • a 5 car carshare startup.

 Please contact us, or request a free consultation if you need more information.

Last Updated ( Monday, 06 August 2012 )
Evaluation Kit Launched

Fleetcutter has a "Hardware Evaluation Kit" that is available for purchase.

The evaluation kit contains everything you need to install, test and generally play around with our product prior to making a technology decision.

Email handling: How to do it right!

Every day, GoGet Carshare get hundreds of emails - and they've been relying on a great open source engine we customized (many years ago) to handle them,